Copyright & Permissions

DiscipleLand strives to maintain compliance with United States Copyright Law. We provide these guidelines to assist those wishing to utilize our published materials.

Fair Use Guidelines

What is fair use? Though not specifically defined, fair use allows for small amounts of copyrighted work to be used without seeking permission provided that correct credit is given to the source. Use is never fair if the source is not noted.

Use of DiscipleLand Copyrighted Content

DiscipleLand products and services—including images, text, music, and software downloads (the "content")—are owned either by DiscipleLand and/or by third parties who have granted DiscipleLand permission to use the content. DiscipleLand cannot grant you permission for content that is owned by third parties.

DiscipleLand Fair Use Policy:

  • No more than 150 words total from one book or publication may be reproduced or used without permission.
  • No more than 100 consecutive words may be reproduced without permission.
  • No more than 2% of the source work may be reproduced.
  • No complete copyrighted songs, hymns, poems or prayers may be used without permission.
  • DiscipleLand published work may not make up more than 2% of the new work.
  • Ellipses (…) may not be used in ways that alter the ideas of the original work.
  • All quoted material must be properly cited.

Taken from _______(name of work) by ________(author). Copyright © _______(year) by ________________(copyright holder). Used by permission of DiscipleLand.

What is not covered by fair use?

  • Any DiscipleLand material on our websites, musical work or adaptation, artwork, charts, maps, photographs, cover images, or illustrations may not be used without seeking permission.
  • Reproduction of DiscipleLand material in a text box, or where the text stands alone rather than being incorporated into the discussion by the author/user is not permitted without requesting permission.
  • Copies or projection of any copyrighted music.

Can I make copies of out-of-print materials?

Out-of-print materials may still be under copyright. Our guidelines depend on several different criteria, such as whether the material is scheduled to be reprinted soon, whether there is a comparable new version for sale, author rights, etc. There may be a content fee charged for these copies. Please contact us with your request.

To request permission

Please send ALL of the following information that applies to your request:

  • Your name
  • Organization or affiliation
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Fax number
  • Mailing address
  • Title of DiscipleLand publication
  • Author of the publication
  • Date of publication or copyright date
  • Printed material that you desire to use—include page number(s) and copies of original publication containing the desired print material
  • Quantity of copies printed or made
  • Expected publication date
  • Expected price of publication
  • Countries of distribution
  • Brief explanation of text use

Send all requests in writing either by email, fax, or postal service. Please allow 1-3 weeks for a response. If the request is urgent, please mark it as URGENT.

Send Requests to:
DiscipleLand Resources
Attn: Copyright and Permissions
PO Box 270930
Fort Collins, CO 80527-0930