Age-graded Format: Core Bible is a comprehensive and sequential age-graded Sunday school curriculum. With a 6-year scope/sequence, Core Bible helps children discover the keys for victorious living. Kids learn to know, love, and serve Jesus.

Levels Overview

Levels Overview

Core Bible is divided into six different age levels. Discover how each level works together.

Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

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Level 1

Level 1: Discovering God's Greatness

In Level 1, your children ages 6-8 will acknowledge God—as Lord of heaven and earth.

Level 2

Level 2: Treasuring the Bible

In Level 2, your children ages 7-9 will embrace the Bible—as God's inspired and authoritative message for everyone.

Level 3

Level 3: Serving the King

In Level 3, your children ages 8-10 will affirm Jesus Christ—as personal Savior and Lord over all.

Level 4

Level 4: Transforming the World

In Level 4, your children ages 9-11 will encounter the Church—as God's instrument to influence the future.

Level 5

Level 5: Following the Faithful

In Level 5, your children ages 10-12 will embrace God's Kingdom—as His magnificent plan for all eternity.

Level 6

Level 6: Walking with God

In Level 6, your children ages 11-14 will celebrate discipleship—as God's blueprint for victorious living.

Additional Products

Additional Products

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