Parent Tools

The resources below provide ideas and tools to help parents learn discipleship techniques for their children at home.

Parent Download Resources File Type
My Father Loves Me (1-page download) Adobe Reader (.pdf)
What Kids Really Need (article)
A series of 48 mini-articles on values to instill
Adobe Reader (.pdf)
How to Disciple Your Child (article)
24 mini-articles to help parents train their children
Adobe Reader (.pdf)
Good News for Kids
An outline of Jesus' message of love and forgiveness
Adobe Reader (.pdf)
Bible Reading Plan (from Core Bible 2BDG Why We Got the Bible) Adobe Reader (.pdf)
Character Traits (from Core Bible 3BDG Amazing Words) Adobe Reader (.pdf)
Apostles' Creed (from Core Bible 3DDG Triumphant Over All) Adobe Reader (.pdf)
Weekly Planner (from Core Bible 5DDG Tommorow's Champions) Adobe Reader (.pdf)

Visit is the "take home" and online portion of DiscipleLand Core Bible Curriculum. It offers an important bridge between your church's DiscipleLand ministry and what takes place in the Christian home. also allows teachers to interact with their students throughout the week with custom messages. At this safe website, kids will find fun activities for each DiscipleLand lesson, growing their understanding of discipleship.


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