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God's Word is the cornerstone of DiscipleLand Preschool. This syllabus displays the lesson titles, key truths, and Bible passages for the New Testament series, "Discover Jesus." To overview the entire curriculum, please review the Preschool Scope & Sequence.

Quarter A: Jesus Comes to Us

Lesson Number and Description

Bible Passage

1: Happy Birthday!: Jesus is Born

Luke 2:1-7

Jesus is God's Son, the most important Person ever born.

2: Bless You!: Simeon and Anna Praise God

Luke 2:21-38

Simeon and Anna praised Jesus—God's special Son.

3: Escape to Egypt: The Family Flees

Matthew 2:13-18

The Lord kept Jesus' family safe from Herod.

4: Home Grown: Jesus Grows Up

Matthew 2:19-23;Luke 2:39-40

God helped Jesus grow strong, tall, and wise.

5: Lost Child: Jesus Learns in the Temple

Luke 2:41-52

God helped Jesus understand many amazing things.

6: Water Worker: John Prepares the Way

Matthew 3:1-12

God's people got ready for Jesus to come.

7: The Dove: John Baptizes Jesus

Matthew 3:13-17;John 1:29-34

God loves Jesus and is pleased with His Son.

8: The Wilderness: Satan Tempts Jesus

Matthew 4:1-11

Jesus remembered Bible verses when Satan tempted Him.

9: God's House: Jesus Clears the Temple

John 2:13-17

Jesus kept the Temple a special place to pray and worship.

10: Born Again: Jesus Teaches Nicodemus

John 3:1-21

John told Nicodemus how to begin a new life.

11: Living Water: Jesus Welcomes Everyone

John 4:1-42

Jesus offered the Samaritan people God's gift of new life.

12: Faithful Father: Jesus Heals a Sick Boy

John 4:46-54

Jesus cured all kinds of diseases.

13: Review: Jesus Comes to Us

Review favorite stories and activities during a special "festival."

Quarter B: Jesus Calls Us

Lesson Number and Description

Bible Passage

1: Rejected: Jesus Leaves Nazareth

Luke 4:14-30

Jesus told people in Nazareth that God sent Him to help them.

2: Great Catch: Jesus Helps the Fishermen

Luke 5:1-11

Jesus knew how to help Peter catch fish and how to fish for people.

3: Follow Me: Jesus Calls Four Friends

Mark 1:16-20

The fishermen decided to follow Jesus.

4: Body and Soul: Jesus Heals in Two Ways

Luke 5:17-26

Jesus showed His power to heal bodies and to forgive sins.

5: Great Feast: Jesus Calls a Tax Collector

Luke 5:27-32

Jesus cared about sinful people who needed Him.

6: Rise and Walk: Jesus Cures Crippled Legs

John 5:1-15

Jesus cured a man who could not walk.

7: Twelve Disciples: Jesus Chooses Helpers

Luke 6:12-16

Jesus invited twelve men to be His best friends.

8: Blessed: Jesus Talks About Happiness

Matthew 5:1-16

Jesus explained how God blesses people who live for Him.

9: Our Father: Jesus Shows How to Pray

Matthew 6:5-15

Jesus showed His disciples how to pray to God.

10: God Cares: Jesus Talks About Worry

Matthew 6:25-34

Jesus told people not to worry about food and clothes.

11: Golden Rule: Jesus Explains the God's Way

Matthew 7:1-12

Jesus encouraged people to treat others unselfishly.

12: Solid Rock: Jesus Calls for Action

Matthew 7:24-27

Jesus told people to hear and do what He said.

13: Review: Jesus Call to Us

Review favorite stories and activities during a special "festival."

Quarter C: Jesus Amazes Us

Lesson Number and Description

Bible Passage

1: Great Faith: Jesus Heals a Sick Servant

Matthew 8:5-13

Jesus healed a man without even seeing him.

2: Good Soil: Jesus Talks about Growing

Mark 4:1-20

Jesus showed different ways people respond to God's message.

3: Be Still!: Jesus Stops a Storm

Mark 4:35-41

Jesus stopped a storm and calmed His fearful disciples.

4: Trust Me: Jesus Raises Jairus' Daughter

Mark 5:21-43

Jesus showed His power over sickness and death.

5: Let's Eat!: Jesus Feeds 5000 People

John 6:1-14

Jesus miraculously supplied food for His hungry followers.

6: No Ghost: Jesus Walks on Water

Matthew 14:22-33

The disciples learned that Jesus can do anything.

7: The Christ: Jesus is God's Son

Matthew 16:13-20

Peter declared that Jesus is God's Son who came to save all people.

8: White as Light: Jesus Shows His Glory

Matthew 17:1-13

God told the disciples to listen to His Son, Jesus.

9: First and Last: Jesus Talks about Greatness

Mark 9:33-37

Jesus showed the disciples how to be "great" in God's eyes.

10: Mean Servant: Jesus Talks about Forgiveness

Matthew 18:21-35

Jesus told Peter to forgive other people again and again.

11: Now I See!: Jesus Heals a Man Born Blind

John 9:1-41

Jesus healed a man who had never been able to see.

12: My Sheep: Jesus is the Good Shepherd

John 10:1-18

Jesus cherishes all those who follow Him.

13: Review: Jesus Amazes Us

Review favorite stories and activities during a special "festival."

Quarter D: Jesus Teaches Us

Lesson Number and Description

Bible Passage

1: My Neighbor: Jesus Talks about Caring

Luke 10:25-37

The stranger showed he loved God by caring for the hurt man.

2: Two Sisters: Jesus Visits Mary and Martha

Luke 10:38-42

Mary knew that being with Jesus is the most important thing.

3: Greedy Guy: Jesus Talks about Sharing

Luke 12:13-21

The greedy man missed his chance to share with others.

4: Lost and Found: Jesus Looks for Lost People

Luke 15:1-7

The shepherd searched until he found his lost lamb.

5: Welcome Home!: Jesus Explains God's Love

Luke 15:11-32

The loving father rejoiced when his obedient son came home.

6: Alive Again: Jesus Gives Life to Lazarus

John 11:1-45

After Lazarus died, Jesus brought him back to life.

7: Thank You!: Jesus Heals Ten Lepers

Luke 17:11-19

One man came back to thank Jesus for curing him.

8: Two Prayers: Jesus Talks about Being Sorry

Luke 18:9-14

God answered the humble man's prayer.

9: Like a Child: Jesus Welcomes Children

Mark 10:13-16

Jesus invited the children to be with Him.

10: Help Me!: Jesus Heals a Blind Bartimaeus

Mark 10:46-52

When Bartimaeus called for help, Jesus healed him.

11: A New Way: Jesus Changes Zacchaeus

Luke 19:1-10

After Zacchaeus met Jesus, he became a good and generous man.

12: Well Done!: Jesus Talks about Rewards

Luke 19:11-27

The king praised the workers who served him well.

13: Review: Jesus Teaches Us

Review favorite stories and activities during a special "festival."

Quarter E: Jesus Triumphs for Us

Lesson Number and Description

Bible Passage

1: Our King: Jesus Rides into Jerusalem

Matthew 21:1-11

Jesus rode into Jerusalem as King of God's people.

2: Two Coins: Jesus Watches People Give

Mark 12:41-44

Jesus knew how much each person gave for God's work.

3: Sheep and Goats: Jesus Tells about Heaven

Matthew 25:31-46

People who served others in Jesus' name really served Him.

4: Sweet Scent: Mary Shows Love to Jesus

Matthew 26:6-13; John 12:1-8

Mary honored Jesus by giving Him her very best.

5: Humble Servant: Jesus Washes Filthy Feet

John 13:1-17

Jesus showed His followers how to humbly serve others.

6: Last Supper: Jesus Eats with His Friends

Matt 26:26-29; 1 Cor 11:23-29

Jesus shared a special communion meal with His followers.

7: Stay Awake: Jesus Prays in the Garden

Matthew 26:36-46

Jesus prayed for strength to do what God wanted.

8: Dark Night: Soldiers Arrest Jesus

Matthew 26:14-16, 47-56

Judas loved money more than he wanted to be Jesus' friend.

9: The Rooster: Peter Denies Jesus

Luke 22:54-62

Jesus knew that His friends would run away and deny Him.

10: The Cross: Jesus Dies and is Buried

Matthew 27:31—28:10

Jesus died on a cross to forgive the sins of others.

11: Secret Visitor: Jesus Surprises His Friends

Luke 24:13-35

The Bible showed that Jesus would die and come back to life.

12: The Breakfast: Jesus Gives Peter a Job

John 21:1-17

Jesus wanted Peter to tell others what God had taught him.

13: Review: Jesus Triumphs for Us

Review favorite stories and activities during a special "festival."

Quarter F: Jesus Lives In Us

Lesson Number and Description

Bible Passage

1: Goodbye!: Jesus Goes to Heaven

Acts 1:1-11

Before Jesus went up to heaven, He promised to send a special Helper.

2: Hello!: The Holy Spirit Comes

Acts 2:1-47

The Holy Spirit gave Jesus' friends power to speak about Him.

3: Stand Up!: Peter Heals a Man's Legs

Acts 3:1-11

God empowered Peter and John to heal the beggar's legs.

4: Partners: God's People Share

Acts 4:32-37

God's people gladly shared their belongings with each other.

5: Double Trouble: Ananias & Sapphira Lie

Acts 5:1-11

God knew that Ananias and Sapphira told a lie.

6: Seven Servants: Leaders Serve the Church

Acts 6:1-7

God directed people in the Church to lead and serve others.

7: Angel Face: Stephen Joins Jesus in Heaven

Acts 6:8—7:60

Stephen forgave the people who threw stones at him.

8: Good News!: Philip tells an African Leader

Acts 8:26-40

Philip told an African leader what the Bible says about Jesus.

9: Blind Faith: Ananias Helps Paul See

Acts 9:1-19a

Paul stopped hurting Christians and started helping them.

10: New Friends: Barnabas Encourages Becomes Paul

Acts 9:19-31

Christians who were once afraid of Paul became his friends.

11: The Seamstress: Peter Prays for Tabitha

Acts 9:36-42

Peter and Tabitha used their gifts and abilities to help others.

12: Great Escape: An Angel Rescues Peter

Acts 12:1-17

When Christians prayed, God sent an angel to rescue Peter.

13: Review: Jesus Lives in Us

Review favorite stories and activities during a special "festival."

Quarter G: Jesus Sends Us

Lesson Number and Description

Bible Passage

1: The Messengers: Paul and Barnabas Go Out

Acts 13:1—14:13

God chose Barnabas and Paul to be His special messengers.

2: Dream Team: God's Messengers Work  Together

Acts 15:40—16:10

God guided the messengers to people who needed Jesus.

3: Open House: Lydia Welcomes the Messengers

Acts 16:11-15

When Lydia became Jesus' friend, she helped God's messengers.

4: Earthquake!: A Jailer Believes in Jesus

Acts 16:16-40

God answered the prayers of His messengers and freed them from jail.

5: The Living God: Paul Discovers a Statue

Acts 17:16-34

Paul told the people in Athens what Jesus had done for them.

6: Pass It On: Apollos Teaches the Truth

Acts 18:1-3, 18-28

Christians enjoyed telling others what they learned about Jesus.

7: Bad Books: Believers Decide to Change

Acts 19:17-20

The truth about Jesus changed what the Christians wanted to read.

8: Brave Boy: Paul's Nephew Shows Courage

Acts 21:27-36; 23:11-24

Paul's brave nephew stopped the plan to kill his uncle.

9: The Testimony: Paul Tells His Story

Acts 24—26 (esp. 25:23—26:32)

Paul told important leaders the truth about Jesus.

10: The Shipwreck!: Paul Survives a Big Storm

Acts 27

God helped everyone survive a storm and shipwreck.

11: The Snakebite: God Protects Paul from Poison

Acts 28:1-11

God saved Paul from a poisonous snakebite so he could help others.

12: Home in Rome: Paul Spreads the Good News

Acts 28:11-31

God helped Paul tell people everywhere about Jesus.

13: Review: Jesus Sends Us

Review favorite stories and activities during a special "festival."

Quarter H: Jesus Empowers Us

Lesson Number and Description

Bible Passage

1: God's Plan: Christians Trust the Lord

Romans 8:28-39

Paul explained how all things work together for God's good purposes.

2: Special Gifts: Christians Serve Each Other

1 Corinthians 12:4-27

Paul described the special abilities God has given to Christians.

3: God's Way: Christians Love Each Other

1 Corinthians 13:1-13

Paul showed Christians that God's love never gives up.

4: Money Matters: Christians Give to Each Other

2 Corinthians 8–9

Paul encouraged Christians to give generously to help others.

5: God's Armor: Christians Receive Power

Ephesians 6:10-18

Paul urged Christians to wear spiritual armor to stand against Satan.

6: Heart Work: Christians Pray for Each Other

Philippians 1:1-20

Even when Paul was in jail, he knew God would answer his prayers.

7: God's Book: Christians Read the Bible

2 Timothy 1–3

Paul told Timothy to keep learning from and teaching the Bible.

8: Brothers: Christians Forgive Each Other


Paul asked Philemon to forgive Onesimus and to treat him as a brother.

9: Basic Training: Christians Obey God

Hebrews 12:1-11

Jesus endured hard times; now He helps Christians follow in His steps.

10: No Favorites: Christians Show Fairness

James 2:1-9

James told Christians to be fair to all people.

11: Worthy: Christians Praise God

Revelation 5:6-14; 7:9-17

In a vision, John saw people from everywhere worshiping God.

12: Home!: Christians Live in Heaven

Revelation 21:1—22:21

God showed John that heaven is a wonderful place for God's people.

13: Review: Jesus Empowers Us

Review favorite stories and activities during a special "festival."


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