My Big-Screen Adventure

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Newly Updated and Revised! Team up with DiscipleLand and The JESUS Film Project on an adventure around the globe! Your children will learn about and respond to Jesus' life and message. They will also discover how people in different countries respond when they see and hear about Jesus for the first time!

My Big-Screen Adventure is a special curriculum resource designed as a companion to the popular film, The Story of Jesus for Children.

In each of 12 lessons, your kids will view segments of the film, participate in creative activities, learn about a country where the JESUS film has been viewed, and read from their Bibles about Jesus' amazing life. Children ages 6-12 can use My Big-Screen Adventure in a variety of settings. All 12 lessons include a Bible study and exciting learning activities. Each Leader Guide includes a special edition DVD of The Story of Jesus for Children.

JESUS Film ProjectCreated in cooperation with The JESUS Film Project.

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