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Following Jesus' commandment to "make disciples" (Matthew 28:18-20), Core Bible is designed to train children in Christian discipleship. Every quarter of curriculum builds on the foundation of knowledge and skills learned previously. The paragraphs below describe why each level of DiscipleLand Core Bible is essential to creating young disciples.

Review the Core Bible Scope and Sequence.


Level 1 Level 1 Quarter A Level 1 Quarter B Level 1 Quarter C Level 1 Quarter D
Level 2 Level 2 Quarter A Level 2 Quarter B Level 2 Quarter C Level 2 Quarter D
Level 3 Level 3 Quarter A Level 3 Quarter B Level 3 Quarter C Level 3 Quarter D
Level 4 Level 4 Quarter A Level 4 Quarter B Level 4 Quarter C Level 4 Quarter D
Level 5 Level 5 Quarter A Level 5 Quarter B Level 5 Quarter C Level 5 Quarter D
Level 6 Level 6 Quarter A Level 6 Quarter B Level 6 Quarter C Level 6 Quarter D
Level 1

Level 1, ages 6-8 (1st grade): Discovering God's Greatness

The first Core Bible level supplies your children with a solid foundation of knowing God. Above all, they must learn to love and respect Him. Introducing them to a Bible-times culture will provide your kids with the proper framework for all their future Bible exploration.

Level 2

Level 2, ages 7-9 (2nd grade): Treasuring the Bible

Next, anchor your children to the authority and power of God's Word. Give them the skills to handle their Bibles comfortably, so your kids will be prepared for a lifetime of studying Scripture.

Level 3

Level 3, ages 8-10 (3rd grade): Serving the King

Now, introduce your children to Jesus Christ by immersing them in the Gospels. Provide a complete overview of Christ's life and ministry on earth, so your kids will desire to follow Him in all the years to come.

Level 4

Level 4, ages 9-11 (4th grade): Transforming the World

During this year, lead your children to a new appreciation for God's Church. Walk through the birth and growth of first century Christianity, so your kids will embrace their local church and take action to expand the global Church.

Level 5

Level 5, ages 10-12 (5th grade): Following the Faithful

Now, show your children the panorama of God's Kingdom by reviewing the history of His plan from Genesis to today. Give them a context for the era they live in, so they will be blessed with a Biblical worldview.

Level 6

Level 6, ages 11-14 (6th grade): Walking with God

In this final level, arm your children to walk with God on their own. Equip them with practical disciplines for growing spiritually, so your kids will cling to the Lord during their challenging teen years and beyond!

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